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Just Balance with Brittany: Balancing a Fresh Start


OMG, how I have missed this platform and just talking- if you didn't guess already, I love to talk. I am a pick up the phone or let's talk on Facetime kind of girl.

With all of that, HAPPY NEW YEAR! My hope is that this year is already treating you well and that you have been able to launch some things aligned to your own hopes, desires, needs, and wants. I thought it would only be right to kick this year off with the first podcast focused on Balancing a Fresh Start. I hope that each and everyone of you is experiencing a fresh start or a better start to this season.

What does a "fresh start" actually look like? A fresh start is defined as an opportunity to start over without prejudice- a clean slate. Though we know that we have all of this spillage from last year, this is still our opportunity to think about things differently and figure out how to chart a course forward. With all of that said, get into this podcast this week.

Take a listen here to this week's podcast!

As always, words are what I have for you,


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