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Just Balance with Brittany: Balancing Life Long Friendships Part II

Hi Triple B's-

What a week this has been in the city of Memphis. If your mental health has been on one this week, you are not alone for sure, I promise. I would be remised if I didn't acknowledge that the craziness in this city has just been overwhelming and just all around super emotional. I've had to remain prayerful, hopeful, and positive about my own thoughts and making sure that they didn't consume me. When tragedy of this magnitude happens, I'm often left to wonder why the Lord allows these things. In my heart of hearts, I know that God is sovereign and that there is a plan and purpose for everything. This particular series of events have just left me a little depleted. With that I can honestly say that the women joining me on today's blog/cast have been my safe spaces this week for sure, but for most if not all (clue) of my life.

Patrice Hall and I have been best friends for years and years. We have definitely grown closer and closer as the years have flown by and as life has just happened. She is my safe space, my sounding board, my voice of reason, but also the person who will always call me out on my stuff. I appreciate the value that she adds to my life and I can only hope that I add that same type of value to her life as well.

Chandea Smith (Auntie Chandea) and my mother Stacey Henderson (my sweet lady) have been best friends for over 40 years- that's a long time to love somebody! I just absolutely love their friendships- they for real love each other and have always been there for each other. I have gotten to see their friendship withstand the tests of time. Although life has continued to roll on, they have been constants for each other. Sidebar- I absolutely love my Auntie Chandea. She has definitely been my sounding board, has always supported me in everything that I do, and talk about a prayer warrior- she is an intercessor- tried and true.

Before I knew that I would be doing a part II for this topic, my husband said "Babe, I think it would be cool for you to have like a round table discussion with several women and y'all just have a conversation". Baby, get yourself a Chad- he is my ride or die- always pushing you to be my best. Sorry, I digress, but I had to plug my amazing husband there. I was like, "yeah baby, that would be cool". When I started to write last week's blog a couple of weeks ago, it hit me. There is a huge parallel between my relationship with Patrice (30 years in) and my mother's relationship with Auntie Chandea (40 years+ in). What an amazing opportunity to have a discussion........I texted them and they all obliged me- and today's podcast was birthed.

"It's not that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but it's your best friends who are your diamonds". -Gina Barreca

Click here to listen in on our conversation about how we balance life long friendships. Y'all this was so fun to do, I hope that you hear the joy exuding from our conversation- like I love them for real for real.

As always, words are what I have for you!


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