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Just Balance with Brittany: Balancing Love and Marriage Part III

What's up Triple B's-

I hope that this blog/podcast space finds you well, like in good health, good spirits, with good people around you- that's my definition of well anyways.

I am excited about this week's podcast, of course, I'm always happy to share the airwaves with my favorite person on this side of heaven, you guessed it, my hus-bae Chad. While we are both working on our individual balance journeys, we have also started to really lean in to what that actually looks like for us as a unit. For us it's meant continuing to take the leap forward and to be intentional about investing in US. Married couples, please make sure that you are investing in you all as a unit. It is the things and tools that you learn from those times and moments that will continue to sustain you.

When I goggled "balance in marriage", this is one of the first things that came up. And honestly, this is what balance should look like in a marriage, in a relationship- not compromising who you are, but figuring out how the two of you continue to work together to make it work.

This is the third time that Chad has been on the podcast with me......and in true fashion, third time was a charm. We were able to have a pretty transparent conversation, often times forgetting that the mic was on that we were even recording (that was nice). I hope that we encourage someone as you continue on this balance journey.

Click here to listen to this week's podcast. The podcast can also be found on Podomatic and Spotify (yes, we made it to Spotify).

As always, words are what I have for you,


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