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Just Balance with Brittany: Balancing Self-Care

Hi Triple B's-

So, it's been a couple of weeks and I know that I have been missing in action. I have been taking a minute to just step back and get myself together and reflect on the days as they go by. The holiday season can always be a really crazy time, it's busy, folks are preoccupied, and running around trying to do this and that and get this and that. It actually has been the perfect time for me to just sit back and think about my current posture.

This podcast was messy and slightly all over the place, which is exactly where I've been lately- all over the place and trying to understand and figure things out. While, it's been my goal, I think that I have come away from this time with more questions and less clarity. But even with that, I continue to be blessed and excited to move through this journey called life, seeking balance in all areas.

Take a listen at this week's podcast right here, it's the last one of the year, but proves that I am a work in progress....(and honestly, I'm okay with that).

As always, words are what I have for you,


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