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Just Balance with Brittany: Balancing Work and Life

Hi Triple B's-

Thank you so much for listening to the blog two weeks ago that I posted with my family! The amount of comments that we got was amazing. And yes, my family could definitely have a show (we know it). I don't know who or what I would be without them, so any time I can have them on to share their wisdom, I am absolutely delighted.

One of the topics that I have not leaned into has been balancing work and life. In my subconscious, I know I'm not doing it well (I'm probably harder on myself then I should be). This blog space is a place where I get to be my most authentic self, free from my own judgement and really others' as well. So, today, I'm going here. Let's talk about work life balance.

Click here to listen to this week's podcast- Just Balance with Brittany: Balancing Work and Life.

As always, words are what I have for you,


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