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Just Balance with Brittany: Balancing Work, Life, and Family

Hi Triple B's-

Has life been life-ing for anybody other than me? The ups and downs throughout the weeks are absolutely insane. But it's Tuesday, and of course, I am excited to share with you all today. I met Devonna Hunter (she wasn't a Hunter then 🖤) in college. She was saucy and sassy, but one of the most amazing friends that turned quickly into an even more amazing sister. We have been side-by-side for every life change- marriage, kids, moves, and everything in between. The way that I cherish our sisterhood is unmatched- if showing up for you was a person, it would definitely be her. One of the other things that we get to share is our love and passion for education. The bible talks about "iron sharpening iron" and we get to do this.

This week we dive into what it means to balance work, life, and family from the perspective of educators. We all know that life is a juggling act and literally dropping one part of it especially as a wife and mom is not negotiable. Listen in to today's blog as we have a very "Brittany and Devonna" dialogue around how we are balancing it all.

Click here to listen to today's podcast with one of my favorite co-host, Devonna Hunter.

Quote of the week:

As always, words are what I have for you

~Brittany and Devonna

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