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Just Balance with Brittany: Mother/Daughter Relationships

Hi Triple B's (balance blog buddies)-

Thank you so much for tuning in for today's blog. This week, you are in for an amazing treat. I hate sharing her with other people (I'm a little selfish like that), but I've always had to and honestly have come to welcome it. "To all the ladies in the place with style and grace" is the most fitting lyric that I can think of when it comes to her. You may have guessed it already but, my blog will be co-authored today by none other than my amazing mother! She is hands down one of my best friends and our relationship continues to evolve and revolutionize itself each and every day. I can only hope that I am half the mother that she is and has been to my two kiddos!

Now of course I love her, but that doesn't mean that everything is always happy and in sync with us- all relationships need nurturing, understanding, honesty, and steady balance to be successful. Today we will examine what balance really means for the ever evolving mother daughter relationship!

Click here to listen to us talk about how we continue to balance it! Happy listening Triple B's........

"One of the keys to the balancing our relationship for Moms is knowing when to steer and when to just take a step back". -Stacey Henderson

As always, words are what I have for you.


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